Introduction to Habits

What are habits?

Habits are actions that we repeatedly do. They can be good or bad and significantly impact our lifestyle, mood, health, etc.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” –  Aristotle.

Why we need them?

Good habits increase odds for achieving or maintaining our objectives or principles, like to be healthy, happy, self-disciplined, growing every day, etc.

Good habits practiced will become automated, reaping its rewards by itself and setting our minds free for other excellent work.

How to form good habits?

You can try our app, which can help you with forming good habits.

You should start small. Avoid starting multiple habits that can be time consuming.
Habits in the beginning should be done fast as possible, so to decrease possibility of churn. Idea is not to do big volume but to try to be consistent.
Have a trigger for habit. It can be reminder for it (you can set them in app) or some other activity that you are already doing (waking up, dinner, etc).
Record your progress, so it can boost your motivation or give you more insights when you want to skip the habit.


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